“The Pilgrim is packed with seven finely crafted, pristinely produced, soul-infused songs which deliver a cohesive and undeniably charming listening experience from beginning to end.  This is seriously one of the finest sounding, most enchanting, acoustic-driven folk albums I have listened to in 2018. No joke.” – Joshua Smotherman (Middle Tennessee Music)

 “The warm voice of Luke Spehar forces the listener to listen intensely to the words with “The Farmer”, the intimate “Love Songs And Lullabies” or the wonderfully beautiful love song “Time With You” about faithfulness, determination and devotion.” – Rootstime

“This album is a MUST-HAVE and comes highly rated!Rating 10/10”  – K. Tibbs (Skope Magazine)

“The acoustic album The Pilgrim by Luke Spehar is beautifully done.” – Jay Creed (Life of Creed)

“One can take Spehar’s song as a straightforward farmer’s tale, or as a word picture parable. No matter how you want to interpret it, though, it’s a beautiful, peaceful piece of music.” – Dan MacIntosh (Skope Magazine)

“‘The Farmer’ is a masterpiece from the collection of songs from his new album The Pilgrim. Blended in the notes of modern folk and indie, this song takes its listener through a journey of nature and the natural phenomenon of life.” – Jason Gomes (Music Industry News Network)

“Acoustic singer/songwriter Luke Spehar, has been going on a journey of his own, searching for much more than what life and God has to offer. Over time, he has written, recorded, as well as played various shows, even toured, showcasing all what his music creativity is truly all about from the depths of his heart and very soul.” (Nataliez World)