29 Oct

A New Season

Wow! I don’t even know where to start with all that has happened in the last few months. My last blog was entitled “Spring Is Here.” This made me realize two things: One, that I am rather inconsistent at blogging, and two, that this past spring and summer went by faster than any two seasons I can remember.


 Now that my new album, All Is Gift, is finally released, I am taking a minute to recap all that has happened. The summary of events is really quite amazing. After sitting down to think about if for a moment, I am filled with gratefulness to God as I see evidence of His hand directing me the entire time. I went out to LA in March of 2012 to work with three-time Grammy Award Winner, Ben Harper. Ben is an amazing artist having the opportunity to work with him was something I would never have imagined! Then exactly one year, to the date, I returned to LA to have the album mastered by five-time Grammy winner Gavin Lurrsen. This summer we launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to make the dream of releasing the album a reality and surpassed our goal!  We hosted the CD release party at St. Kate’s O’Shaughnessy auditorium on Sept. 20th and almost 500 fans came to celebrate with me. I feel humbled and full of gratitude as I recall of these events.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.44.18 PM


Every step of this journey has been a gift, no doubt difficult at times, but still a gift. Of all of the gifts, none has been greater, nor more wonderful to me, then the gift my fiancée, Elizabeth. Last Spring I wrote a blog called “One Step at a Time.” It was a blog about trying to be patient as the production process unfolded. Looking back, I see that some of the downtime, that I so eagerly wanted to end, actually made space for me to meet Elizabeth. She is truly beautiful. It is no small thing that we will become a team on the road and combine our passions to share the message with the world that all is truly a gift! I can’t say enough about her.

My Lady

Our plans continue to develop. I am hoping to stay around the MN area until after the new year and then, after we are married, hit the road! Concerts down in Kansas and Oklahoma are already scheduled and many more are waiting to be confirmed. I will keep those details posted on my website.

I am so grateful for all the prayers and encouragement I have received during these exciting past months. I cannot adequately express the eagerness I feel to travel the country and share this new album with you all in person! I’ll be seeing you before long!

Until next time,