13 Feb

A Valentine’s Blog Inspired by Stevie Wonder

Steve Wonder’s hit song: “Isn’t She Lovely,” was the subject line of an email I received from one of the tremendous friends we met on the road this past year. I thought his intention was to give my wife and I a little theme song as we have just passed our one-year anniversary and because Valentines Day is tomorrow, but to my surprise his intention was to point out that “Isn’t She Lovely” is a song about Stevie Wonder’s daughter!

 The second verse reads: buy me pizza

 What strikes me most about his description of his new daughter is that Stevie Wonder is blind! Regardless of this, something in him knows she is truly pretty, lovely, precious and wonderful. And what brings this new life into the world? Love! It’s the love between Stevie Wonder, his new baby girl’s mother and God, who is love.

 So here I am relating to Stevie Wonder’s awe of his daughter and intrigued by how love seemed to diminish his blindness, only to realize that St. Valentine relates to this all! He is the saint associated with Valentines Day, our cultures holiday of love. His purported miracles included curing the blindness of two young girls. When he was incarcerated for refusing to renounce his faith, he cured the blindness of his own jailor’s daughter. Before St. Valentine’s execution he gave the girl a letter signed, Your Valentine.

 This Valentine’s Day I am learning a lesson from the great Stevie Wonder to look through the eyes of love that see to the truth and beauty. I find myself singing this tune over my own Baby Jane and wife, and asking them, Will you be my Valentine?