05 Mar

Newlywed Advice… We made it a month!

It has been a month since our wedding and we are still married! I’ll tell ya traveling in a van might test this, but it’s been a wonderful month to say the least! In the spirit of our one-month anniversary we thought we would share a few thoughts we’ve had on our dating experience, engagement and wedding.


We want to start by saying, ALL THE WORK IS WORTH IT!!!


Our approach to our reception was that we wanted to honor our guests for being such an important part of our lives. We wanted everything to express that. At the end of the night it really was the people that were there that made the celebration complete. No one seemed to care that many of our so carefully planned and placed centerpieces started on fire! Each table had a blast!

Engaged couples- stay close to each other – talk to each other and be honest with each other about what is going on within and try to stay on the same page- don’t just talk about the wedding. It is ok to feel the weight of the reality of a commitment. It’s big deal, but you have each other to walk through it with.


Honeymoon: It took us a few days just to settle down from all the excitement of the wedding. Our favorite parts were getting quiet times with each other, reading together, and just being close to each other.

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 10.58.14 AM

Now, the greatest things about being married so far are really feeling the fact that we have a teammate in life. Feeling the fact that someone has your back. I love knowing that we get to build memories together that we will get to talk about years down the road and we get to concretely plan a future together- no longer hypothetical. Living together for the first time has its challenges for sure but it is for the most part really fun. It’s like a sleepover every night with benefits!


Overall, there have been many adjustments to say the least, but both of us are trying to keep open minds and hearts and that seems to help a lot. Its already been a wonderful mystery to be living out!IMG_0989