05 Apr

Signs of Life

IMG_3132Each year I appreciate spring more and more! At the beginning of March I had the honor to play for St. Joseph’s Indian school in Chamberlain, SD. Elizabeth and baby Jane were able to join me, which was a blessing. We were so grateful to learn more about the Native community there. Our hearts and eyes were opened to the tragic past of the Native Americans in that area and the challenges that community still faces. Despite the struggle, we met some beautiful people doing some incredible work!


The morning after my concerts I was invited to come play for a few classrooms and to hang out with the students. We had some fun conversations about music and at one point, a few of the 8th grade young men sang some of their native songs for me! I was so impressed by their courage and talent.


I learned a lot about the Oglala Lakota Tribe, and I was specifically inspired by the role that nature plays in the Lakota’s spirituality. I can relate to this in some ways. Ever since I was young I have felt something of the supernatural when I spend time in the great outdoors. It was this feeling that sparked the inspiration for my song, The Sonrise.


The song came out of a beautiful experience of witnessing the sun rising one morning. (The beauty of the sunset is also inspiring.) But for me the hope I receive from watching the sunrise is just a glimpse of the hope that I feel when I think of the Son of God rising from the dead. I wonder if there could be a greater hope then life after death? Maybe living that life after death with those we love?

The Sunrise on our drive home from Chamberlain, SD

The Sunrise on our drive home from Chamberlain, SD


This Easter season I am sharing my song, The Sonrise. Feel free to download it and share it with whomever you would like. With Spring in the air, I look forward to seeing all the new signs of life and allowing that life to fill my heart with hope.Luke Spehar-9