05 Nov

Sweet Baby Jane

Blogging is always a challenge for me. I can struggle with putting into words all the many things that have taken place. I have been involved in some incredible moments of creativity, more than some and less then most, but the greatest creation I have ever helped make a reality is my daughter, Jane.


People have told me for years that there is nothing like having a child. I heard them, but I guess I didn’t really hear them. My wife can attest to my tendencies to not always “hear” things! I can tell you now, however, that I am not only hearing their words, I am feeling their words.


There really is nothing that has compared to watching my child come into the world. I was awe struck by this little being and the realization that she was a part of me that I had some part to play in this creation. Admittedly, my part seemed more fun than Elizabeth’s during birth, but nevertheless, it takes two.

Mama, papa and baby jane

I have been overwhelmed with the deepest sense of gratitude lately. I am not only grateful to Elizabeth for her remarkable courage and strength or to my Mother for her love, but I am truly grateful to all women and all that they give. I especially want to take a moment to thank all the Mothers. I wrote the song, “For Mom,” a number of years ago; it has taken on whole new realms of meaning to me (Click link to listen).

Although the touring schedule will slow down quite a bit for Elizabeth and now Jane, I will continue to play as much as possible. Here is the concert schedule for the next few months:

October 30th: St. Peter, MN (Gustavus Adolphus College)

November 6th: Leavenworth, KS (St. Mary’s University)

November 13th: Minneapolis, MN (Harriet Brewing)

November 15th: Jacksonville, FL ( St. Paul United Methodist Church)

November 17th: Minnetonka, MN (Theology on Tap)

November 18th: Charleston, IL (St. Charles Borromeo Church)

November 21st: Indianapolis, IN (National Catholic Youth Conference)

December 2nd: Princeton, MN (Christ Our Light Catholic Church)

December 3rd: Minneapolis, MN (Luke Spehar Christmas Concert!)

December 5th: Farmington, MN (Church of St. Michael) 

Finally, I am so excited about my first ever Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 3rd! We rented a vintage movie theater here in Minneapolis that holds 400 people. We are hoping to pack the house with folks that want to sing a few Christmas songs and celebrate the gift of Christmas! I would love to sell out the house so please get a ticket and come join us. Tickets!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support.

All my best.

Luke Spehar