04 Dec

Thanksgiving Blog!

The other day I walked past a sign that said, “Happy Turkey Day!” Although turkey is great, I wondered if “Thanksgiving” is going out of style. It got me thinking, which can result in unpredictable outcomes, how wonderful it is that many years ago the founders of our country thought it would be a good idea take a day and just be grateful for everything we have here in America. Brilliant! I thought I would take a moment and share a few things I am grateful for this year.

I am so grateful for good health and for my family. I am grateful for all the young families I know and for their little babies that bring so much life to our world. I am grateful for my beautiful fiancé, Elizabeth, and for everything we are building together. I am so grateful to all my fans and for the opportunities to tour the country with my new album, All Is Gift. I am grateful for our new van to travel in! I am grateful to the men and women in our military and for their families and for all they do to keep us safe and free. I am grateful to God for all these things and for the many, many gifts we have here in America.

TheoThanksgivingJoe and Luke Pic


Looking forward, it will be a busy next few months. The tires on our van will be getting some solid wear after the New-year! Here are a of the dates we have set so far and I think it’s just the beginning:

Jan 4th: Grand Rapids, MN
Jan 8th: Chisago City, MN
Jan 10th: Brainerd, MN
Jan 16th: Browerville, MN
Feb 4th: Duluth, MN
Feb 7th: Steubenville, OH
Feb 16th: Oshkosh, WI
Feb 26th: Manhattan, KS
Mar 4th: Wichita, KS
Mar 28th: Shawnee, OK

If I’m coming to your area, and you would be interested in having me play for an event or hosting me for a house concert, I would love to hear from you: lukespeharmusic@gmail.com. The details to these shows are posted at my site, www.lukespehar.com/#shows.

This is truly one of my favorite times of year. The snow hasn’t been around long enough to be sick of it yet, I’m still full from Thanksgiving food and Advent just started signifying that Christmas is right around the corner! I hope Thanksgiving never becomes old fashioned or out of date. I hope we can all take a moment and be grateful for everything we have been given.

Until next time,

Luke Spehar