04 Feb

Two for the Road


I have the pleasure to announce that I am no longer Elizabeth Yetzer, but now Elizabeth Spehar! The journey to the altar has been a beautiful one, but not an easy one to put into words. It is also hard to imagine the new journey we are about to embark on together as husband and wife.


As many of you know, Luke’s logo for his music is a seashell. The seashell is asymbol from the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage he made in Spain. The route of the Camino was marked all along the way with this symbol pointing out the direction in which the pilgrims should go. Luke chose this symbol for his logo as a reminder that we are all on a journey, needing the Lord to continue to point us in the direction we should go, each of us taking different paths to our ultimate destination. I am so grateful to be joining Luke on our pilgrimage. Our hope and desire is to help each other become the best versions of ourselves, and glorify the Lord as we journey on.

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 1.53.18 PM

We are both filled with, mainly eager anticipation, but there is a tinge of fear of the newness and the unknown…What will it be like living out of our van and traveling the country together? Despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead of us, I continue to go back to the story of Abraham. The Lord appeared to Abraham and told him, “Go to the land that I will show you.” Abraham did not know what land, but it was very clear that he was to go and that the direction would slowly be revealed. I am thinking if Abraham was willing to be obedient and get on a camel then I can take a leap of faith and jump in a van! Luke and I have faith that the Lord will continue to show us the way, we just need to be willing to listen and take the next stop.

The “All is Gift” tour will start in Duluth, MN and then on to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Kansas. We are hoping new opportunities to share Luke’s music will continue to show themselves along the way. We invite you along our journey. We will share our reflections, our experiences and a glimpse into the lives of newlyweds navigating life on the road!

Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers. We hope to see you on the road. We would love to hear from you. And you will be in our prayers as well.IMG_0504